Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Emmy ~ Sup. Actress

Morena Baccarin has the episode, and has the character to ride her to a win of course. Her performance in Homeland as Jessica Brody leaves much to be desired. I actually like it a lot, but I always felt that this is an extremely crowded field, filled with many great performances from some great actresses. Unless they are planning a Homeland sweep, I wouldn't plan on her winning.

Christine Baranski is a much more recognizable name. Her performance in Big Bang Theory as Leonard's mother is delightful and got her two Emmy noms and her performance in Cybill even gave her a win. Every year since the beginning, she has been nominated for her performance in The Good Wife, and while I feel that Archie Panjabi is somewhat better in certain episodes, it's always nice to see her in there. I believe that even if The Good Wife dips, as it seems like it has year after year (a real anomaly), that we will always see Baranski nominated. Not sure if she will ever win though, not this year that's for sure. Better go warm that bench.

If people want the sexy vote, Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones has this in the bag. Audiences see Clarke's naked body more on Game of Thrones than anyone else in all three Sup. Actress categories arguably. That is, in my mind, the only reason why she got the nomination, because she's pretty. I don't think she's even the strongest actor on the show. If she does win, two things are bound to happen. One, there will be a Game of Thrones sweep afoot; Two, they only gave her the win because she is sexy.

Anna Gunn is the potential spoiler in this category. Her intensity on Breaking Bad as Walter White's wife Skyler is surely something special. The fact that Breaking Bad is going to be ending this year and that many people will be voting at the Emmys as the show is on it's final episodes may indeed resonate. I still believe that the show may be too intense, and Gunn faces stiff competition this year, but look out for her to steal the prize away.

Certain fools, not me, but certain fools voted for Christina Hendricks to get a win last year for Mad Men. She didn't, continuing the enigmatic losing streak that the Mad Men actors have had on the show. She is the most deserving candidate of all the actresses here, and arguably the hardest working of the six. But again, it's on Mad Men, and that right from the get-go spells trouble. I suppose that it could potentially happen next year when the show will be departing, but until then, Hendricks has to get really to warm up that bench.

Maggie Smith is in my mind, the obvious pick. Sure there's a lot of people scratching their heads about the winner here. But, dude, think about it. Maggie Smith is a legend in the industry, her performances on Downton Abbey are constantly great. Even if certain people find her overrated, I find her a pleasure to watch. The fact that she is Maggie Smith, the fact that Downton is beloved and the fact that this is a weak year, in my mind, for Supporting Actress, will give her a third win in a row for Downton Abbey.

Will Win: Maggie Smith
Should Win: Christina Hendricks
Could Win: Anna Gunn
Should Have Been Nominated: Monica Potter

Dame Maggie Smith-cropped.jpg
Mayim Bialik is really the girl on Big Bang Theory that I like the most. Her one-liners, and the weird quirkiness and sheer shock value to Amy Farrah Fowler leaves me in stitches week after week. I'm very happy that she made it in for a second year in a row, proving that unlike Johnny Galecki, her nomination wasn't a fluke; that the Emmys like her. I feel that maybe in the next few years that she could actually take it all, but for now, I don't think that it is quite enough.

Julie Bowen is the only woman on Modern Family who doesn't make me rip my hair out (sorry Sofia Vergara fans). Her fuzzbucket performance as Claire Dunphy is a sweet portrayal and certainly one that actually, kinda-sorta, does deserve all the hype behind it. I think that she is in the second position for the time being, but I still withhold the possibility that she could spoil.

Easily the biggest surprise coming from the acting categories this year is Anna Chlumsky for Veep. This is one nomination I didn't see coming, not even in my wildest dreams. This proves that Veep must be well-liked from the Emmys, even though I think the show is nothing special. I wouldn't really complain if Chlumsky wins, but I would also prefer it if it went to someone more deserving...

...and no one this year is more deserving than Jane Krakowski. She shockingly never won for her role of Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock. A true shock considering that she is hilarious on the show and 30 Rock always got big praise from T.V. critics, and also from the Emmys too. I guess I don't blame the Emmys at the same time, because it is hard to pick just one winner year after year (then again it's probably the easiest, high-paying job in the world), and I suppose that Krakowski got close year after year and didn't make it. This year however, it looks likely that Krakowski will make it. She has the character, and the episode, and the humor, all she needs now is the Emmy.

Even in the declining years of Glee, Jane Lynch was easily the best part about the show. Her dry, sarcastic but deliciously evil portrayal as Sue Sylvester was always a delight. It's obvious that even as Glee is going down in the years, it's still on people's minds. What with the recent death of Cory Monteith and a nomination for both Lynch and director Paris Barclay this year, it shows an obvious push for the show. That being said, I believe that her time has passed, but she will always be my favourite part of Glee.
Sofia Vergara... well, I am nothing but honest. She bothers me. Her character on Modern Family bothers me, her acting bothers me, her accent bothers me. I'm sorry, Sofia Vergara fans, I just don't see what's so great about her. This may fall along the same way of the Emilia Clarke nomination, getting a nomination on nothing more than sexuality. She is a sultry Spanish woman, and that might be all she needs to get a win for Modern Family, but it would also mean me just going all bat-crap insane because of it.

Merritt Wever was such a pleasant surprise for her role in Nurse Jackie last year that she remained on the radar ever since. It was to see her on here for a second time in a row, even though I personally think that Nurse Jackie has declined as a show since its early years. I hope to continue to see her on the list, but as for actually getting an Emmy win, I think it will go to Krakowski for sure. If not, prepare for a possible spoiler from Bowen.

Will Win/Should Win: Jane Krakowski
Could Win: Julie Bowen
Should Have Been Nominated: Jessica Walter

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