Sunday, 25 August 2013

Emmy Deliberation ~ Guest Actor

Here's the first category, Guest Actor in both categories; Drama and Comedy.

Dan Bucatinsky is nominated this year for Scandal, a show that most people either love or hate. I am not a huge fan of it, but I guess he Emmys were because both Bucatinsky and Kerry Washington in Lead Actress were nominated. It really seems to be a show that's everyone's guilty pleasure. Good job on Bucatinsky for the nomination, but a win, I feel, is pretty unlikely coming from him.

Michael J. Fox is a bit of an Emmy legend himself. With his three wins for Family Ties and his two wins for Spin City, it is obvious that he is well-liked. That being said, his performance on The Good Wife has been nominated for three years in a row, and two years in a row he has lost. And, even though I am a huge fan of the man, I get the feeling that he will lose this one again. Some people may not like him winning everything, or feel that he has too many Emmys. So, even though I think he has the best performance of the lot, I will do what I believe is the smart thing and not predict him.

Rupert Friend is a first-time nominee for playing Peter Quinn in Homeland. While I like that his last name is "friend," I think his performance is a little overrated. That being said, if we see him win this, then we might be looking at a Homeland sweep. With Homeland winning Drama Series last year, as well as wins last year for Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, I believe that a sweep could happen. But Friend experiences a similar problem as Bucatinsky, by which I mean he's an unknown. And unknowns usually don't do well in this category. Maybe if he's nominated again next year, he'll stand a better chance, but for now, he'll just have to be content with the nomination.

Harry Hamlin is one of two Mad Men actors nominated in this category. Just from the get-go, he's in trouble. The reason? Mad Men, despite winning Best Drama Series four years in a row, has never awarded any of its actors with a win. Next year, which will be Mad Men's final year, may change everything, but for now, Hamlin, also an unknown like Bucatinsky and Friend before him, will have to just be lucky he got into a very competitive category.

Nathan Lane is a double nominee this year. With his nomination for Modern Family, he is also nominated for The Good Wife. I am a fan of Lane's work. He is an extremely likeable presence, and I especially love actors that are known mostly for comedy doing dramatic roles. I think that it shows people that they can branch out and do something different, and Lane delivers in spades, and hearts, and diamonds and clubs. People still like The Good Wife, even if the Emmys don't, and I feel that this will be a perfect place to award it this year.

If this was the "Most Deserving Guest Actor" category, Robert Morse would win without a doubt. Again, him being on Mad Men spells disaster, but the fact is that he has been constantly nominated for the same character for many years now. This is his fourth year since the show's inception that he has been nominated, and despite pulling off great stuff week after week, he still never wins. It's possible that next year with the big series finale of Mad Men that he, along with Hamm, Moss, Hendricks and others, will receive a goodbye win, which the Emmys like to do, but I feel that he is not going to get it, because history is doomed to repeat itself.

Will Win/Should Win: Nathan Lane
Could Win: Rupert Friend, Michael J. Fox
Should Have Been Nominated: Ray Romano

It is obvious that the Emmys really like Bobby Cannavale since he has been nominated several times before and even won for his portrayal of Vince on Will & Grace. He's a double nominee this year, with his other nomination for his supporting role in Boardwalk Empire. And speaking of which, his role as Dr. Mike Cruz on Nurse Jackie, which he is nominated for this year, he was also nominated for last year. There is a slight possibility that fans of Nurse Jackie will feel that he should win someday, but this year certainly won't be his year.

Louis C.K., on the other hand, has had an amazing year. With nominations for Directing, Writing, Acting, Comedy Series, and for his Stand-up special "Louis C.K.: Oh My God". But most interestingly enough, he's nominated this year for his guest spot on Saturday Night Live. Certainly, SNL is king for having several of its past guest hosts win it all. Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Betty White and Tina Fey have all won for their guest spots on it, in fact. While I believe that C.K. will win something this year, Guest Actor is one that he'll just have to be happy with the nomination.

Depressingly, the wrong 30 Rock Will was nominated this year. Will Forte got in for playing Paul L'astname, Jenna's pansexual boyfriend, and later husband. This one was one of the big shockeroos of the year. I actually wanted Will Arnett, who played Jack Donaghy's nemesis Devon Banks, and has been nominated four times without a win to get in here and possibly even win. It's sad to hear that he will never win despite having a constantly funny performance as the character. I think that the absurdity of Forte's character and the fact he was a shocker in this category is not good news for him.

Nathan Lane is not only a double nominee this year, but a double nominee for Modern Family. This is his second year he has played Pepper Saltzman and that it led to a nomination. The Modern Family guest stars pend not to fare so well in this category. Similar to how Greg Kinnear and Fred Willard lost two different years, despite the fact that Modern Family is such a juggernaut, I feel that Lane will follow suit this year.

Bob Newhart has never, ever won an Emmy. Hard to believe since he's such a legend. Now being 83 years old, he guest starred on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon and Leonard's childhood hero, Professor Proton. Professor Proton was a kids' show host who inspired the two to get into science in the first place. When they find out he's still alive, they ask him to perform his act for him, despite that he usually performs for children now. His performance in the episode is both funny and heartbreaking, a deviation considering the subject matter of the show. I have a feeling that people will want to give him a win just because, well, he's Bob Newhart! It will so very rewarding when you hear his name finally after so many losses in his career.

But if there is a potential spoiler in the midst, it's Justin Timberlake. With his new album The 20/20 Experience and his song "Mirrors" and "Suit & Tie" getting some Grammy heat, he's more relevant than ever. This will help for his performance in SNL. He, of course, has won twice before for SNL. But I were Timberlake, and if I read the nominations beforehand, I would be feeling a little nervous. Competing in the same category as Bob Newhart is a heavy deal. I think that he could pull off an upset, but honestly, I don't think that anyone can through off Newhart right now.

Will Win/Should Win: Bob Newhart
Could Win: Justin Timberlake & Louis C.K.
Should Have Been Nominated: Will Arnett

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