Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Emmy ~ Sup. Actress

Morena Baccarin has the episode, and has the character to ride her to a win of course. Her performance in Homeland as Jessica Brody leaves much to be desired. I actually like it a lot, but I always felt that this is an extremely crowded field, filled with many great performances from some great actresses. Unless they are planning a Homeland sweep, I wouldn't plan on her winning.

Christine Baranski is a much more recognizable name. Her performance in Big Bang Theory as Leonard's mother is delightful and got her two Emmy noms and her performance in Cybill even gave her a win. Every year since the beginning, she has been nominated for her performance in The Good Wife, and while I feel that Archie Panjabi is somewhat better in certain episodes, it's always nice to see her in there. I believe that even if The Good Wife dips, as it seems like it has year after year (a real anomaly), that we will always see Baranski nominated. Not sure if she will ever win though, not this year that's for sure. Better go warm that bench.

If people want the sexy vote, Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones has this in the bag. Audiences see Clarke's naked body more on Game of Thrones than anyone else in all three Sup. Actress categories arguably. That is, in my mind, the only reason why she got the nomination, because she's pretty. I don't think she's even the strongest actor on the show. If she does win, two things are bound to happen. One, there will be a Game of Thrones sweep afoot; Two, they only gave her the win because she is sexy.

Anna Gunn is the potential spoiler in this category. Her intensity on Breaking Bad as Walter White's wife Skyler is surely something special. The fact that Breaking Bad is going to be ending this year and that many people will be voting at the Emmys as the show is on it's final episodes may indeed resonate. I still believe that the show may be too intense, and Gunn faces stiff competition this year, but look out for her to steal the prize away.

Certain fools, not me, but certain fools voted for Christina Hendricks to get a win last year for Mad Men. She didn't, continuing the enigmatic losing streak that the Mad Men actors have had on the show. She is the most deserving candidate of all the actresses here, and arguably the hardest working of the six. But again, it's on Mad Men, and that right from the get-go spells trouble. I suppose that it could potentially happen next year when the show will be departing, but until then, Hendricks has to get really to warm up that bench.

Maggie Smith is in my mind, the obvious pick. Sure there's a lot of people scratching their heads about the winner here. But, dude, think about it. Maggie Smith is a legend in the industry, her performances on Downton Abbey are constantly great. Even if certain people find her overrated, I find her a pleasure to watch. The fact that she is Maggie Smith, the fact that Downton is beloved and the fact that this is a weak year, in my mind, for Supporting Actress, will give her a third win in a row for Downton Abbey.

Will Win: Maggie Smith
Should Win: Christina Hendricks
Could Win: Anna Gunn
Should Have Been Nominated: Monica Potter

Dame Maggie Smith-cropped.jpg
Mayim Bialik is really the girl on Big Bang Theory that I like the most. Her one-liners, and the weird quirkiness and sheer shock value to Amy Farrah Fowler leaves me in stitches week after week. I'm very happy that she made it in for a second year in a row, proving that unlike Johnny Galecki, her nomination wasn't a fluke; that the Emmys like her. I feel that maybe in the next few years that she could actually take it all, but for now, I don't think that it is quite enough.

Julie Bowen is the only woman on Modern Family who doesn't make me rip my hair out (sorry Sofia Vergara fans). Her fuzzbucket performance as Claire Dunphy is a sweet portrayal and certainly one that actually, kinda-sorta, does deserve all the hype behind it. I think that she is in the second position for the time being, but I still withhold the possibility that she could spoil.

Easily the biggest surprise coming from the acting categories this year is Anna Chlumsky for Veep. This is one nomination I didn't see coming, not even in my wildest dreams. This proves that Veep must be well-liked from the Emmys, even though I think the show is nothing special. I wouldn't really complain if Chlumsky wins, but I would also prefer it if it went to someone more deserving...

...and no one this year is more deserving than Jane Krakowski. She shockingly never won for her role of Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock. A true shock considering that she is hilarious on the show and 30 Rock always got big praise from T.V. critics, and also from the Emmys too. I guess I don't blame the Emmys at the same time, because it is hard to pick just one winner year after year (then again it's probably the easiest, high-paying job in the world), and I suppose that Krakowski got close year after year and didn't make it. This year however, it looks likely that Krakowski will make it. She has the character, and the episode, and the humor, all she needs now is the Emmy.

Even in the declining years of Glee, Jane Lynch was easily the best part about the show. Her dry, sarcastic but deliciously evil portrayal as Sue Sylvester was always a delight. It's obvious that even as Glee is going down in the years, it's still on people's minds. What with the recent death of Cory Monteith and a nomination for both Lynch and director Paris Barclay this year, it shows an obvious push for the show. That being said, I believe that her time has passed, but she will always be my favourite part of Glee.
Sofia Vergara... well, I am nothing but honest. She bothers me. Her character on Modern Family bothers me, her acting bothers me, her accent bothers me. I'm sorry, Sofia Vergara fans, I just don't see what's so great about her. This may fall along the same way of the Emilia Clarke nomination, getting a nomination on nothing more than sexuality. She is a sultry Spanish woman, and that might be all she needs to get a win for Modern Family, but it would also mean me just going all bat-crap insane because of it.

Merritt Wever was such a pleasant surprise for her role in Nurse Jackie last year that she remained on the radar ever since. It was to see her on here for a second time in a row, even though I personally think that Nurse Jackie has declined as a show since its early years. I hope to continue to see her on the list, but as for actually getting an Emmy win, I think it will go to Krakowski for sure. If not, prepare for a possible spoiler from Bowen.

Will Win/Should Win: Jane Krakowski
Could Win: Julie Bowen
Should Have Been Nominated: Jessica Walter

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Emmy Deliberation ~ Sup. Actor

Jonathan Banks plays Mike on Breaking Bad, also submitting for the "Say My Name" episode. While having a grizzled performance, and a pretty memorable death scene, I am questioning the Breaking Bad split. Remember, he is in the same category as two-time champ Aaron Paul, for the same show, for a less notable role. In my opinion, that may bode well for Banks. But because his character is memorable and because his character died last season, this will be the final time they can honor him, which may be too much for voters to pass up.

It should be noted that the Emmys must really like Bobby Cannavale. Personally, I think he's alright, but for the Emmys to give him two nominations for two shows he didn't really deserve this year must leave something to be desired about your acting. This time around, it's for Boardwalk Empire. While Boardwalk, in my opinion, had a great first season, had stooped down over the years. It's still an okay program, but it wouldn't be my first choice. That being said, not sure how many people actually watch or like the show anymore, that may spell disaster for Cannavale.

Another contender who is more liked by the Emmys than I thought is Jim Carter, nominated for his performance as Charles Carson on Downton Abbey. When it was announced that Brendan Coyle, who was nominated last year, was not going to contend this year, everybody expected that Rob James-Collier was going to get in for a more respected role. But with this being Carter's second time in a row getting nominated, it shows that they like him and the show a lot. I still believe that, unless we will be seeing a Downton sweep, he is either in 5th or dead last at the moment.

Peter Dinklage was the winner of Supporting Actor two years ago on Game of Thrones' freshman year. He plays Tyrion Lannister, which has since become a popular character and the show itself has become a popular character. But do I believe that Dinklage (his last name still makes me giggle) could pull it off again? I don't think so. He faces stiff competition, especially along the way of Patinkin and the two Breaking Bad boys. I think that he still may be fresh in people's minds, but I'm not sure if he could do it again, especially since Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been regarded as better this year, and he didn't even make a nomination.

Arguably the biggest legend on this list, Mandy Patinkin gets a nomination for Homeland. After, in my opinion, scandalously getting shut out last year, he manages to get in this year. He's in a position too. He's the most famous name here, he has a good character, he picked a great episode submission, Homeland is as popular as ever. I think that he could be a potential spoiler for the award this year...

...that is if Aaron Paul doesn't steal it. One thing I have learned is that history is doomed to repeat itself. Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, is a two-time winner in the past, and while a third win in this category is rare, I think that he could pull it off. Why? Because Breaking Bad is so popular and beloved and that the final episodes will go going on while they are voting. The Emmys love giving goodbye hugs, and while he certainly may be in the fray for the next and final year for Breaking Bad, I think that the opportunity to award him and show will be way to much to pass up.

Will Win/Should Win: Aaron Paul
Could Win: Mandy Patinkin, Jonathan Banks
Should Have Been Nominated: Sam Waterston

File:Ty Burrell 2009.jpg

Ty Burrell is easily, in my mind, the best part about Modern Family. I feel that Modern Family is overrated in every stretch of the imagination. Yes, it's a good show, but I believe that it's just all over-hyped. Burrell, however, is actually pretty good. Phil Dunphy is my favourite character on the show, and Burrell plays him very well. Sadly, he's always played second fiddle behind co-star Eric Stonestreet. This year, however, Stonestreet is nowhere to be seen. With that strange, but somewhat expected turn of events due to Modern Family fatigue, I still think that he will pull through.

Adam Driver is a boy on a sitcom called Girls. Ironic, I know. While I still like the show this year, many people think that it's drooped in quality this year. Balderdash! Well... maybe they are onto something. Driver is a good counterpart to the girls on the show, and was certainly a dark horse in the contending table this year. I think that he's too much of an unknown and Girls is too "disliked" this year to even break through. Driver will have to just be happy on the nomination.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson may have my name as his last name, but he's easily my most disliked Modern Family actor. Not because of homophobia, but because I think he's annoying. Even Stonestreet has some likeable episodes from time to time. He is swamped by Burrell and Stonestreet, two winners while he and O'Neill never won for Modern Family. Not a good sign. I think it'll be always a bridesmaid and never a bride for Ferguson this year.

For his departing SNL year, Bill Hader managed to pull off a second (and in my mind, second surprise) nomination for playing various characters on the show. It's a shame that he is leaving SNL to focus more on his movie career, because he was easily the best part of SNL. While his star is beginning to rise a bit because of SNL and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and with him writing for South Park amongst other ventures, he's on the outside looking in at this point, even though he does deserve it in a way.

Easily the biggest surprise in the category this year, Tony Hale got a nomination for HBO's Veep. This, along with Comedy Series, Louis-Dreyfus and Chlumsky's nomination show a strong support for this show. While I am not overly fond of it, I see where they are going at with this show. It has humor and some memorable characters, it may not be awards-worthy in my book, but it has some good stuff. Hale is, in my mind, bringing up the rear. Unless of course, people rally behind him and there manages to be a Veep sweep (that's fun to say...), I don't personally believe that he stands a chance.

Ed O'Neill, on the other hand, has had a better chance than ever before to get a win this year. With Stonestreet gone, it could easily mean that a new Modern Family man like O'Neill or Ferguson could pull off a win. O'Neill is also a respected actor, who sadly wasn't even considered by the Emmys for his wonderful portrayal on Married with Children. This would make a good consolation prize, and there is a possibility that variety could arise in this category, but seeing as how Modern Family is a juggernaut and history repeats itself, I would honestly be surprised if it was anyone but Burrell winning this.

Will Win/Should Win: Ty Burrell
Could Win: Any Modern Family man
Should Have Been Nominated: Any Arrested Development actor

Monday, 26 August 2013

Emmy Deliberation ~ Writing

David Benioff & D.B. Weiss wrote the controversial Games of Thrones episode, "The Rains of Castamere" otherwise known as The Red Wedding. I could get into why it's so controversial, but I can assure that it's pretty bad. Personally I thought that the controversy was going to kill Game of Thrones' chances in the water, but apparently they quickly forgot and just focused on how popular the show is. Personally, I feel that during the telecast, Game of Thrones should win nothing (other than Creative Arts awards, but they won't be aired), or will it? Though Benioff & Weiss face stiff competition, I feel that how much of a behemoth the show ratings-wise, how much people seemed to respond to the episode, and how people will probably want Game of Thrones to win something during the telecast will be enough to get it a win

Henry Bromell wrote the Homeland episode "Q&A". Though I felt that Meredith Stiehm was more deserving this year, Bromell is a good alternate. The episode "Q&A" sure is an "Emmy" episode, filled with good performances and wonderful writing/directing. Certainly, the show is on the viewers' mind, and if people are still feeling genre biased, that this will be a good alternate to win the Writing Emmy. I'm still a little wary because I fear that the show will not fair well against still competition, but if people feel up to it, I can totally see the award going to Bromell.

If the Emmys went my way, Julian Fellowes would win for writing on Downton Abbey. He submitted "Episode Four" of the show's 3rd season. No matter what episode of Downton, it is also a treat, and with him writing every episode, you can always count on the show being consistently good each and every week. But the fact is that Downton isn't as popular as it was a couple of years ago, and he faces the same problem that Bromell could face, stiff competition. I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but it just is. Fellowes is in my mind in third place, but the episode really isn't as memorable as other episodes on the list.

Breaking Bad almost never is a "writing" show, but this year George Mastras broke through, writing for the episode "Dead Freight". Now if there was ever a time for the writers to get recognized on the show, especially since the show has been even more popular now than it has ever been. While that may serve as enough of a reason to give Mastras a win, I feel that Breaking Bad isn't a "writing" show. While there's some good stuff, no episode really stood out enough to persuade me to give it a win, maybe a nomination, but no wins. Popularity may be a factor here, but I think that Mastras may have to be content with the nomination.

Mastras isn't the only Breaking Bad writer to achieve a nomination, Thomas Schnauz has as well. Writing the episode "Say My Name", I think that Schnauz has an edge over the other writers, because he gave Walter White a big "say my name" monologue inside it, one of which viewers either love or hate. I am neutral with it, and Cranston himself is fiery playing Walter in the episode, but again, Breaking Bad isn't a writer show, so that may not work. The competition is very stiff and very close in my opinion, and I could see any of these guys make it.

Will Win: Game of Thrones
Should Win: Downton Abbey
Could Win: Breaking Bad, Homeland
Should Have Been Nomination: Beau Willimon "House of Cards"

Ever since his show premiered three years ago, Louis C.K. has made writing every year. This year, he has a partner. Pamela Adlon & Louis C.K. wrote the first part of Louie's "Daddy's Girlfriend" episode. The episode is one of which the main character Louie finally achieves a girlfriend after trying to hit on women half his age for so long. Of course he is the lovable loser, the Woody Allen of the show and what Louis and Pamela do in the show is make you really feel for the guy. Emotionally on a show can really give these two an edge in the competition. The competition for Comedy Writing. as well as Drama Writing, however, is stiff. But I think that C.K. is a good fail-safe point if voters are stumped on picking a winner.

Jack Burditt & Robert Carlock wrote the first part of the 30 Rock series finale "Hogcock!" Personally I feel that Burditt and Carlock should have partnered with Fey and Wigfield to have one glorious, fantastic super win for all four of them. But because it wasn't like that, that's the reason why the two men are in trouble. Most people will probably vote for the second part, as it is more "ending-ly" than this is. I don't think these two stand a chance.

And speaking of people not standing a chance, David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik wrote "Episode Nine" of Episodes. This was the biggest surprise in the writing categories. I, first of, had no idea that the Emmys were such big fans of Episodes, with the fact that not a lot of people watch it or even care that it is on. That is the reason why these two guys are also going to get swamped. They could pull a Jon Cryer here (I will forever call a surprise win a "Jon Cryer" from now on), but I doubt it.

Greg Daniels is the writer of the final episode of The Office so aptly titled "Finale" (how original). The Office has been a bit of a laughingstock since Steve Carell left the show and James Spader replaced him, resulting in the show tanking and tanking and tanking until finally they have the final season. This episode was a nice return-to-form for the once vibrant, comedic show. If people are feeling a little nostalgic, wanting to give Daniels a second win for The Office, than it could very well happen here, but I feel that the 30 Rock finale is more reasonable than this finale.

And speaking of the 30 Rock finale, Tina Fey & Tracey Wigfield wrote the very last, final episode of 30 Rock "Last Lunch". Here is your winner. The 30 Rock finale was one of the best episodes of T.V. this year, and it was thanks to the writers of the show. While the show never won anything for the past three years, I believe that it could very well pull off a win here. There is a real possibility that they have moved on from the show and are more reluctant to pick Louie or The Office, but again I think that the opportunity to give one last goodbye hug to the great show will be too great to pass up.

Will Win/Should Win: Tina Fey & Tracey Wigfield - 30 Rock
Could Win: Louie or The Office
Should Have Been Nominated: Lena Dunham & Sarah Heyward "Girls"

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Emmy Deliberation ~ Guest Actor

Here's the first category, Guest Actor in both categories; Drama and Comedy.

Dan Bucatinsky is nominated this year for Scandal, a show that most people either love or hate. I am not a huge fan of it, but I guess he Emmys were because both Bucatinsky and Kerry Washington in Lead Actress were nominated. It really seems to be a show that's everyone's guilty pleasure. Good job on Bucatinsky for the nomination, but a win, I feel, is pretty unlikely coming from him.

Michael J. Fox is a bit of an Emmy legend himself. With his three wins for Family Ties and his two wins for Spin City, it is obvious that he is well-liked. That being said, his performance on The Good Wife has been nominated for three years in a row, and two years in a row he has lost. And, even though I am a huge fan of the man, I get the feeling that he will lose this one again. Some people may not like him winning everything, or feel that he has too many Emmys. So, even though I think he has the best performance of the lot, I will do what I believe is the smart thing and not predict him.

Rupert Friend is a first-time nominee for playing Peter Quinn in Homeland. While I like that his last name is "friend," I think his performance is a little overrated. That being said, if we see him win this, then we might be looking at a Homeland sweep. With Homeland winning Drama Series last year, as well as wins last year for Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, I believe that a sweep could happen. But Friend experiences a similar problem as Bucatinsky, by which I mean he's an unknown. And unknowns usually don't do well in this category. Maybe if he's nominated again next year, he'll stand a better chance, but for now, he'll just have to be content with the nomination.

Harry Hamlin is one of two Mad Men actors nominated in this category. Just from the get-go, he's in trouble. The reason? Mad Men, despite winning Best Drama Series four years in a row, has never awarded any of its actors with a win. Next year, which will be Mad Men's final year, may change everything, but for now, Hamlin, also an unknown like Bucatinsky and Friend before him, will have to just be lucky he got into a very competitive category.

Nathan Lane is a double nominee this year. With his nomination for Modern Family, he is also nominated for The Good Wife. I am a fan of Lane's work. He is an extremely likeable presence, and I especially love actors that are known mostly for comedy doing dramatic roles. I think that it shows people that they can branch out and do something different, and Lane delivers in spades, and hearts, and diamonds and clubs. People still like The Good Wife, even if the Emmys don't, and I feel that this will be a perfect place to award it this year.

If this was the "Most Deserving Guest Actor" category, Robert Morse would win without a doubt. Again, him being on Mad Men spells disaster, but the fact is that he has been constantly nominated for the same character for many years now. This is his fourth year since the show's inception that he has been nominated, and despite pulling off great stuff week after week, he still never wins. It's possible that next year with the big series finale of Mad Men that he, along with Hamm, Moss, Hendricks and others, will receive a goodbye win, which the Emmys like to do, but I feel that he is not going to get it, because history is doomed to repeat itself.

Will Win/Should Win: Nathan Lane
Could Win: Rupert Friend, Michael J. Fox
Should Have Been Nominated: Ray Romano

It is obvious that the Emmys really like Bobby Cannavale since he has been nominated several times before and even won for his portrayal of Vince on Will & Grace. He's a double nominee this year, with his other nomination for his supporting role in Boardwalk Empire. And speaking of which, his role as Dr. Mike Cruz on Nurse Jackie, which he is nominated for this year, he was also nominated for last year. There is a slight possibility that fans of Nurse Jackie will feel that he should win someday, but this year certainly won't be his year.

Louis C.K., on the other hand, has had an amazing year. With nominations for Directing, Writing, Acting, Comedy Series, and for his Stand-up special "Louis C.K.: Oh My God". But most interestingly enough, he's nominated this year for his guest spot on Saturday Night Live. Certainly, SNL is king for having several of its past guest hosts win it all. Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Betty White and Tina Fey have all won for their guest spots on it, in fact. While I believe that C.K. will win something this year, Guest Actor is one that he'll just have to be happy with the nomination.

Depressingly, the wrong 30 Rock Will was nominated this year. Will Forte got in for playing Paul L'astname, Jenna's pansexual boyfriend, and later husband. This one was one of the big shockeroos of the year. I actually wanted Will Arnett, who played Jack Donaghy's nemesis Devon Banks, and has been nominated four times without a win to get in here and possibly even win. It's sad to hear that he will never win despite having a constantly funny performance as the character. I think that the absurdity of Forte's character and the fact he was a shocker in this category is not good news for him.

Nathan Lane is not only a double nominee this year, but a double nominee for Modern Family. This is his second year he has played Pepper Saltzman and that it led to a nomination. The Modern Family guest stars pend not to fare so well in this category. Similar to how Greg Kinnear and Fred Willard lost two different years, despite the fact that Modern Family is such a juggernaut, I feel that Lane will follow suit this year.

Bob Newhart has never, ever won an Emmy. Hard to believe since he's such a legend. Now being 83 years old, he guest starred on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon and Leonard's childhood hero, Professor Proton. Professor Proton was a kids' show host who inspired the two to get into science in the first place. When they find out he's still alive, they ask him to perform his act for him, despite that he usually performs for children now. His performance in the episode is both funny and heartbreaking, a deviation considering the subject matter of the show. I have a feeling that people will want to give him a win just because, well, he's Bob Newhart! It will so very rewarding when you hear his name finally after so many losses in his career.

But if there is a potential spoiler in the midst, it's Justin Timberlake. With his new album The 20/20 Experience and his song "Mirrors" and "Suit & Tie" getting some Grammy heat, he's more relevant than ever. This will help for his performance in SNL. He, of course, has won twice before for SNL. But I were Timberlake, and if I read the nominations beforehand, I would be feeling a little nervous. Competing in the same category as Bob Newhart is a heavy deal. I think that he could pull off an upset, but honestly, I don't think that anyone can through off Newhart right now.

Will Win/Should Win: Bob Newhart
Could Win: Justin Timberlake & Louis C.K.
Should Have Been Nominated: Will Arnett

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Consensus on the Emmy nominations.

Starting on Monday, I will deliberate all the major awards of the Primetime Emmy Awards this year. They will be my consensus on each of the nominees, a personal opinion, a popular opinion and a reason why or why not I chose them to win. The winners will be selected in bold on the right under "Primetime Emmy Award predictions".

Hope you see you then.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Most Oscar Stuff (August 14)

I am getting mixed signals here, but reputedly, George Clooney who is the writer/director/producer/star of his upcoming drama The Monuments Men has said that there will not be an Oscar campaign behind it, calling it just "a popcorn thriller" instead of a real Oscar contender.

This is a bit of a blow. Firstly because it was high on many people's lists of Oscar Contenders this year, easily in Top 5. Now with Clooney saying that there will not be a campaign for the movie, all the major awards, it will get vetoed on, including Picture, Director, the acting and script awards. Sure, it is possible that it could sneak in some technical awards but Monuments looks dead in the water at this point, even if the critics' will love it.

For any Oscar novices out there, a campaign enables the Oscar people to look at the categories you want and all the people that will get the nomination if there are picked. For example: if Steven Spielberg directs and produces a film, he could submit that for Picture and Director with his name beside them. That film could also be nominated for as many categories at it wants, including any acting for anybody in the film, screenplay, music, sound, and technicals. Those are posted as For Your Consideration (FYC) pages on the movie company's website.

And for those who think that Monuments still can make it in, don't count on it. Even if the trailer has gotten you amped up, the only film in recent memory that has managed to achieve a Best Picture nomination without a campaign is American Graffiti back in the 70's, and that was only because it was a pretty big sleeper hit that really solidified George Lucas' career. So, that may not happen.

I may update my predictions, if this so-called thing is "correct." Here's the trailer:

UPDATE: Sony had just said that that whole snafu is not true. It's simply too early to consider if they are going to campaign it or not. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Oscar Race (August 12th)

Today I will discuss an aspect at the Oscars that will certainly be a game changer.

Meryl Streep's much-anticipated return to film will, if everything goes according to plan, most definitely give her another Oscar nomination. If you are someone who loves Streep as much as I do, you will certainly be excited. This time around, the Christmas-time launch of August: Osage County will be hotly anticipated for Oscar frontrunner status this year.

Today, however, I received some game-changing news regarding the movie and Streep. She will be knocked down to Supporting rather than lead, causing the Lead Actress race to not be as competitive in my opinion, but also leaves second placer in my opinion, Naomi Watts playing Princess Diana in Diana, to be on a fast course to win. She never won before and if the movie is very well received then it will certainly leave her en route for the little golden naked man. If not her, Cate Blanchett, Amy Adams, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet and Julie Delpy are all next in line to potientally snatch it away, not necessarily in that order of course.

But where does that leave Meryl? Well, beforehand I felt that Supporting Actress race is not particularly strong, with the possibility that Octavia Spencer will get her second or Oprah Winfrey will nab her first (though I felt that she, along with Whoopi Goldberg, should've won in The Color Purple). But now those women will probably be overshadowed by Streep. Again, "August" hasn't been released yet, and it could be Margo Martindale or Julia Roberts that gets in and Streep getting out. However seeing the Oscars' love affair that they have with her, could this mean that she will win four times, more than any thespian on the face of this, or any other, earth? We will have to wait and see.

Friday, 9 August 2013

New Pixar news.

In case it is not glaringly obvious, I love Pixar. The animation company has dominated the market and made some really, truly amazing films in the past two decades. Although my personal favourite would have to be WALL-E, 13 out of 14 of Pixar's films I have found vast enjoyment and entertainment value therein. The only one I disliked was Cars 2, but we will not discuss that.

With that, the D23 Expo is underway and John Lasseter, CFO of Pixar and Disney, released some new stuff for their feature films.

First up is The Good Dinosaur. A film about what happened if the meteorite that hit earth 65 million years ago missed the earth, and dinosaurs and humans had to co-exist. Director Bob Peterson who is the co-director on Up and voice of Roz in Monsters, Inc. and Dug in Up, and Co-Director Peter Sohn have said that the dinosaurs are living farming vehicles, with they themselves being farmers. The main dinosaur protagonist will mean a young, fearless toddler for the first time, and their adventure starts. The voice talent will include John Lithgow, Neil Patrick Harris, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader and Raising Hope's Lucas Neff.


When I first heard this, I wasn't overly excited about the film, but as I started to acquire more info, I started to get more excited about it. I admit that WALL-E or Up didn't really grab my attention when they were first announced, but now they are both in my Top 5 favourite Pixar films. I firmly believe that The Good Dinosaur will bring Pixar back.

The next film they will be making is called Inside Out. This one is about the inner workings and different emotions going on in the brain of an 11-year-old preteen. She will be making a big change in her life, as she is going to be moving from her humble origins of Minnesota to the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. We follow her feelings, all individual characters, and follow their struggle to keep her functioning. Pete Docter, who directed Monsters, Inc. and won the Oscar for directing Up is taking the helm for this film. It will have the voices of Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith and Bill Hader (again).

This one I am actually the most excited about of all the forthcoming Pixar films. It is original, daring and just what one expects from a Pixar film. Even if The Good Dinosaur doesn't turn out to be a welcome return to form for Pixar, I will bet actual money (hypothetically, of course) that Inside Out will be a huge hit, for audiences and critics.

The final feature that they will announce (not Final as in LAST EVER, but last one they announced at the expo thus far) is Finding Dory, the sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo. It will involve Dory, where we find out about her origins, her roots and see her wacky family. Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks both return as Dory and Marlin respectively, and new cast members include Diane Keaton as Dory's mother, Eugene Levy as Dory's father and Ty Burrell as Bailey, a beluga whale. Andrew Stanton, who directed both WALL-E and the original Finding Nemo is back in the director's chair, directing off of unknown Victoria Strouse's script.

Let me be perfectly frank. This is a step in the wrong direction for Pixar. And you guys are probably going to hate me for this, but I think that Finding Nemo is a little overrated. I do really like the film and enjoy it's script and it's fun and it's beauty, but I still feel that it is not as brilliant as everyone thinks it is, one reason being that the Dory character is just okay, but as hilarious or memorable as some people say. It's actually somewhere in the middle for me in terms of Pixar efforts. And the same feelings that I experienced when they announced Cars 2 have resurfaced here. I feel like this is not a really "original" film. Frankly, I didn't wonder or even care why Dory was swimming out in the open when she found Marlin, or where her family was. So, why bother? To make lots of money. Until Toy Story 3, Nemo was Pixar's highest grossing film. And I am not going to assume anything, Dory will make a whole heap of movie on it's opening weekend, maybe even a possible record for an animated movie (I would also say it may break The Avengers' $200 million record, but I think that even that's a bit of a stretch). That being said, I also felt a little weird about Monsters University, but I really liked that movie, so who knows. Release a trailer first, then I can really give my opinions.

Other than that, that's pretty much it. They have other things, but it is not really far enough into development to garner a lot of attention. Like Lee Unkrich's Dia de los Muertos film. Teddy Newton's unnamed film, and Mark Andrews' unnamed film. But they also had some stuff on Toy Story of Terror, the 30 minute Halloween special coming to ABC in October. That might be fun.

All and all, Pixar has a good slate of stuff coming up later. I will most likely see all three of those movies in the theatres as I've seen every Pixar film from Ratatouille on in the theatres (except for Cars 2), usually on opening day.

What will the future hold in store for Pixar? Will more fans turn on it? Well, they finally lose that coveted spot on top of the animation tower? I doubt it, I still believe that they will never lose it fully and will still be high on the totem pole for many years to come. But I feel that more fans will jump back onto the bandwagon now more than ever after three "meh" films in a row Pixar released.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Ellen DeGeneres to host 86th Academy Awards.

I heard from the official Oscar website that Ellen DeGeneres is going to host the Oscars this year. After Seth MacFarlane stated many times that he simply doesn't have the energy or the time to host the Oscars again, someone had to be found to host the show. They found their host today with talk show host and actress DeGeneres. No stranger to the hosting scene, Ellen hosted the awards back in 2007 when The Departed won Best Picture. With Wolf of Wall Street this year, could two Scorsese films win Best Picture while Ellen is hosting? It's still particularly early, but you never can tell.

But I still think it's a good idea to have The Muppets host. Let them host one year! How much of a sourpuss do you guys have to be?