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Emmy Deliberation ~ Writing

David Benioff & D.B. Weiss wrote the controversial Games of Thrones episode, "The Rains of Castamere" otherwise known as The Red Wedding. I could get into why it's so controversial, but I can assure that it's pretty bad. Personally I thought that the controversy was going to kill Game of Thrones' chances in the water, but apparently they quickly forgot and just focused on how popular the show is. Personally, I feel that during the telecast, Game of Thrones should win nothing (other than Creative Arts awards, but they won't be aired), or will it? Though Benioff & Weiss face stiff competition, I feel that how much of a behemoth the show ratings-wise, how much people seemed to respond to the episode, and how people will probably want Game of Thrones to win something during the telecast will be enough to get it a win

Henry Bromell wrote the Homeland episode "Q&A". Though I felt that Meredith Stiehm was more deserving this year, Bromell is a good alternate. The episode "Q&A" sure is an "Emmy" episode, filled with good performances and wonderful writing/directing. Certainly, the show is on the viewers' mind, and if people are still feeling genre biased, that this will be a good alternate to win the Writing Emmy. I'm still a little wary because I fear that the show will not fair well against still competition, but if people feel up to it, I can totally see the award going to Bromell.

If the Emmys went my way, Julian Fellowes would win for writing on Downton Abbey. He submitted "Episode Four" of the show's 3rd season. No matter what episode of Downton, it is also a treat, and with him writing every episode, you can always count on the show being consistently good each and every week. But the fact is that Downton isn't as popular as it was a couple of years ago, and he faces the same problem that Bromell could face, stiff competition. I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but it just is. Fellowes is in my mind in third place, but the episode really isn't as memorable as other episodes on the list.

Breaking Bad almost never is a "writing" show, but this year George Mastras broke through, writing for the episode "Dead Freight". Now if there was ever a time for the writers to get recognized on the show, especially since the show has been even more popular now than it has ever been. While that may serve as enough of a reason to give Mastras a win, I feel that Breaking Bad isn't a "writing" show. While there's some good stuff, no episode really stood out enough to persuade me to give it a win, maybe a nomination, but no wins. Popularity may be a factor here, but I think that Mastras may have to be content with the nomination.

Mastras isn't the only Breaking Bad writer to achieve a nomination, Thomas Schnauz has as well. Writing the episode "Say My Name", I think that Schnauz has an edge over the other writers, because he gave Walter White a big "say my name" monologue inside it, one of which viewers either love or hate. I am neutral with it, and Cranston himself is fiery playing Walter in the episode, but again, Breaking Bad isn't a writer show, so that may not work. The competition is very stiff and very close in my opinion, and I could see any of these guys make it.

Will Win: Game of Thrones
Should Win: Downton Abbey
Could Win: Breaking Bad, Homeland
Should Have Been Nomination: Beau Willimon "House of Cards"

Ever since his show premiered three years ago, Louis C.K. has made writing every year. This year, he has a partner. Pamela Adlon & Louis C.K. wrote the first part of Louie's "Daddy's Girlfriend" episode. The episode is one of which the main character Louie finally achieves a girlfriend after trying to hit on women half his age for so long. Of course he is the lovable loser, the Woody Allen of the show and what Louis and Pamela do in the show is make you really feel for the guy. Emotionally on a show can really give these two an edge in the competition. The competition for Comedy Writing. as well as Drama Writing, however, is stiff. But I think that C.K. is a good fail-safe point if voters are stumped on picking a winner.

Jack Burditt & Robert Carlock wrote the first part of the 30 Rock series finale "Hogcock!" Personally I feel that Burditt and Carlock should have partnered with Fey and Wigfield to have one glorious, fantastic super win for all four of them. But because it wasn't like that, that's the reason why the two men are in trouble. Most people will probably vote for the second part, as it is more "ending-ly" than this is. I don't think these two stand a chance.

And speaking of people not standing a chance, David Crane & Jeffrey Klarik wrote "Episode Nine" of Episodes. This was the biggest surprise in the writing categories. I, first of, had no idea that the Emmys were such big fans of Episodes, with the fact that not a lot of people watch it or even care that it is on. That is the reason why these two guys are also going to get swamped. They could pull a Jon Cryer here (I will forever call a surprise win a "Jon Cryer" from now on), but I doubt it.

Greg Daniels is the writer of the final episode of The Office so aptly titled "Finale" (how original). The Office has been a bit of a laughingstock since Steve Carell left the show and James Spader replaced him, resulting in the show tanking and tanking and tanking until finally they have the final season. This episode was a nice return-to-form for the once vibrant, comedic show. If people are feeling a little nostalgic, wanting to give Daniels a second win for The Office, than it could very well happen here, but I feel that the 30 Rock finale is more reasonable than this finale.

And speaking of the 30 Rock finale, Tina Fey & Tracey Wigfield wrote the very last, final episode of 30 Rock "Last Lunch". Here is your winner. The 30 Rock finale was one of the best episodes of T.V. this year, and it was thanks to the writers of the show. While the show never won anything for the past three years, I believe that it could very well pull off a win here. There is a real possibility that they have moved on from the show and are more reluctant to pick Louie or The Office, but again I think that the opportunity to give one last goodbye hug to the great show will be too great to pass up.

Will Win/Should Win: Tina Fey & Tracey Wigfield - 30 Rock
Could Win: Louie or The Office
Should Have Been Nominated: Lena Dunham & Sarah Heyward "Girls"

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