Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Most Oscar Stuff (August 14)

I am getting mixed signals here, but reputedly, George Clooney who is the writer/director/producer/star of his upcoming drama The Monuments Men has said that there will not be an Oscar campaign behind it, calling it just "a popcorn thriller" instead of a real Oscar contender.

This is a bit of a blow. Firstly because it was high on many people's lists of Oscar Contenders this year, easily in Top 5. Now with Clooney saying that there will not be a campaign for the movie, all the major awards, it will get vetoed on, including Picture, Director, the acting and script awards. Sure, it is possible that it could sneak in some technical awards but Monuments looks dead in the water at this point, even if the critics' will love it.

For any Oscar novices out there, a campaign enables the Oscar people to look at the categories you want and all the people that will get the nomination if there are picked. For example: if Steven Spielberg directs and produces a film, he could submit that for Picture and Director with his name beside them. That film could also be nominated for as many categories at it wants, including any acting for anybody in the film, screenplay, music, sound, and technicals. Those are posted as For Your Consideration (FYC) pages on the movie company's website.

And for those who think that Monuments still can make it in, don't count on it. Even if the trailer has gotten you amped up, the only film in recent memory that has managed to achieve a Best Picture nomination without a campaign is American Graffiti back in the 70's, and that was only because it was a pretty big sleeper hit that really solidified George Lucas' career. So, that may not happen.

I may update my predictions, if this so-called thing is "correct." Here's the trailer:

UPDATE: Sony had just said that that whole snafu is not true. It's simply too early to consider if they are going to campaign it or not. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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