Thursday, 19 September 2013

Emmy Deliberation ~ Series

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the awesomeness that is... predicting Best Drama Series and Comedy Series at the Emmys.

Breaking Bad is the dramatic/comedic series about a lung cancer stricken doctor who tries to feed his family by cooking meth with his former student. This right here is your winner. The show has never been more popular, and I don't think that it ever will be any more popular. The final episodes are airing now, also with phenomenal reviews from critics everywhere. Sure there are the haters, and the fools that would rather vote for Homeland, myself included until just recently, but Breaking Bad has everything perfectly lined up for it to have an obvious victory.

Downton Abbey is the drama series that all the snobby British people will go gaga for, and for good reason. Personally, I think people are severely underestimating the power of the Abbey. Let's not forget how many nominations it got, and how it won Best Miniseries during it's first year. The competition is extremely fierce this year, and while I do think that a Downton sweep could still happen, I think it's highly unlikely, since it is really only a two-horse race this year.

Game of Thrones is the drama series that all the nerdy people will go gaga for, and for good reason. Even on the subscription-only HBO, it manages to pull massive ratings and a huge fanbase. People are just bananas, mystified by the show. Even if one of the episodes got a bit of controversy this year because of the violent content, I think that this just upped the love for the show (irony, right?). With such a love for the show, why is it not in the Top 2? Because of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy bias. I think that Thrones could break through, but X-Files never did. And I think that the older Emmy voters may not be able to sick their teeth into the show. Give it a few years, and if the massive love for the show continues, a Drama Series win could be in the bag... but in a few years.

Homeland was the show that won Drama Series last year. It's a popular, and a beloved show, and even if it's last two seasons haven't been as advantageous as its freshman season,  I thought that it was a pretty excellent show last year. If history is going to repeat itself, which is a real possibility, then I could see Homeland taking it on Sunday night, but I think that the Breaking Bad opportunity is too much to pass up.

House of Cards made history by being the first show not to be released on a standard television network, instead releasing on Netflix, to manage a Best Series nomination. A true feat, given how long it took the Emmys to finally award cable series. And therein lies the tragedy. Because it's a Netflix show, the bias may simply be too strong, given how limited Arrested Development's nods were this year (though that could be because they simply overgrown the show, or because of the mixed reviews the fourth season got). David Fincher is en route to win Directing, but sadly, they will just have to be content with that. Maybe next year...

Mad Men is a series at won four years in a row, and yet tragically never won anything for any actor thus far. With the show being on for two final years, they are not out quite yet, but still with a whopping nineteen straight losses last year, I think that the show is down for the count. But again, fingers crossed for the final two years.

Will Win: Breaking Bad
Should Win: Homeland
Could Win: Game of Thrones, Homeland

Breaking Bad: Season 5

30 Rock has ended it's run last January, with great ratings and good reviews from critics. Granted that the Emmys like giving goodbye hugs to T.V. shows, it could possibly pull an upset. But when a show stops winning, it is hard for it to get back into it. And even though the previous three years the show has never won a single award, the Creative Arts Awards last Sunday broke the trend when it won Casting for a Comedy Series. While I will love the show long after it's off the air, I think that Tina Fey will just have to be happy with only the seven she currently has, how few those are indeed!

As a The Big Bang Theory nerd, I am always happy to see it succeed in the awards. Jim Parsons' two wins were very well deserved, he is just perfect for the role. The show is even a ratings behemoth, week after week pulling in impressive numbers, and will continue to reap giant numbers in the seventh season. While it may be a bit too "nerdy" for lack of better word for the Emmy voters, it is a popular show, the next Friends critics say, so I think that it should be a strong possibility.

Last year, Girls was the it show, Lena Dunham was the it girl and now... not. I think that the show is still good and even more insulting than ever (but I mean that in a good way), this show is sadly bringing up the rear. Let's hope the third season will rock our world!

Whereas Big Bang is being called the next 'Friends', Louie is being called the next 'Seinfeld'. In regards to the fact that the show has a comedian and that they have little to no storyline, but still it never feels like a rip-off. Louie is a strong example of how bravely it juggles all the comedic elements. People could want to vote for it because, well, Seinfeld only one once in Comedy Series (a huge travesty), but I think that the incumbent show will prevail again.

Cut to... Modern Family is the reigning king in the category, winning three times for Comedy Series in a row and dominating the awards year after year. While Modern Family fatigue is settling in on many people, myself included, the show is popular, it's a juggernaut, it's still well loved, history likes to repeat itself, I think that simply because every other show seems "undeserving".

Veep could pull an upset. It has a lot of things that the Emmy voters love. Politics, humor, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. All it needs is Star Trek references at it will run the whole gamut. It's found it's voice more from the first year, it has a dedicated fanbase. While I find Veep overrated, and nothing like "The West Wing with laughs" like critics say, but a surprise in this category is not as ridiculous as it sounds.

Will Win: Modern Family
Should Win: The Big Bang Theory
Could Win: 30 Rock, Big Bang, Louie, Veep
Should Have Been Nominated: New Girl

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